Castle Meadow

Situated on the South West corner of the meadow below Totnes Castle

In early 2008 the first allotments were allocated on a small strip of a meadow belonging to the Town Council. The meadow was below Totnes Castle and had been given to the town by Leonard Elmhirst of Dartington on the understanding that it would never be built on. For years it had been used for grazing.
 There were 14  tenants in the beginning, some on full and some on half plots, though now there has been further sub-division. All tenants must live within half a kilometre of the site due to lack of car parking space. As the Castle Meadow tenants, this community has come together to create a vibrant and productive space. Although each tenant decides what to grow and how to manage their own plot, nevertheless a great deal of sharing goes on. Seeds and young plants are swapped and experience is shared readily. The tenants work together to keep the boundaries tidy, organising hedge planting and trimming days each year. They also hold an open days  when visitors come to the site and are welcome to see what is going on.

Castle Meadow now has 18 tenants, although more are involved as only one person is the tenant and there are various partners and helpers there too. We currently have 11 half plots, 3 full plots and 4 quarter plots.


ploughing the castle meadow allotment with the castle in the background

new ground broken below the castle