Kingsbridge Hill


In 2009 a local couple offered to sell us part of a field on the outskirts of the town. We had no money, but we had credibility as an energetic and efficient community association by this time. So we were successful with both Lottery bids and a bid to the Wakefield Trust. The Town Council helped us put the bids together. District and County Councillors helped us with legal and infrastructure costs.  In spring 2010 another 29 tenants moved on to the new Kingsbridge Hill site and began to create their own allotment community as the Castle Meadow group has done.

The allotments at Kingsbridge Hill are on the left near the old Toll House off the main Kingsbridge Rd.

Ploughing the Kingsbridge Hill site


working together to prepare the paths on the site

Summer 2012 Crop courtesy Ian Blackwell

Summer 2012 Crop (photo courtesy Ian Blackwell)