From plot holder Helen Swan.

A French provençal recipe, informal and open to adaptation, depending on what you’ve got around. From Elizabeth David’s Mediterranean Cookery.


  • Chard or Spinach, and Courgette – finely chopped and must be softened in olive oil
  • Optional additions: other veg, onion, eggs raw or hard boiled, anchovies or other fish, garlic, rice, chickpeas.
  • Gratin topping ie. crumbs, ground nuts, seasoning, grated cheese or whatever.


  1. Season the veg to taste
  2. Put into an oven dish, ideally an earthenware provençal ‘tian’, but never mind if you don’t have one!
  3. Sprinkle gratin topping.
  4. Bake around gas 4-5, around 30 mins.

It is traditionally eaten cold on picnics, but you can eat it hot for dinner. It’s surprisingly filling.