Crop Advice

Here you will find hints and tips on various aspects of your allotment including crops, bee-friendly planting, a seasonal guide and glyphosates.

Check out ‘Crops’ to read about what other Totnes Allotment Association members have had success (or lack of!) growing. View the ‘Seasonal Guide’ to read about which jobs can be done on your plot when. The ‘Glyphosate’ page provides information about this widely sold yet toxic herbicide.  Finally, our ‘Bee friendly planting’ page gives information on how you can plant to encourage these wonderful little creatures to your plot.

Preventing the introduction and spread of yacon viruses

This is a guide for those who are currently growing or were proposing to grow yacon.

The key points are:

  • Potato yellowing virus (PYV) has been identified in yacon, which was being grown in England
  • PYV has the potential to spread to potato and other crops and cause symptoms
  • The import of yacon in GB is currently prohibited
  • If yacon is currently being grown in GB, good biosecurity practice is recommended to prevent the spread of potentially damaging viruses
If you would like more information please read the full Yacon-Biosecurity-guidence-2022-v3.pdf