Copland Field

Situated just off the Western Bypass and below the Copland Meadow road, the Copland Field site is three acres in size, of which one and half of these are suitable for allotment plots. The site has created 26 full plots on a sunny south facing slope, with the Totnes Allotment Association having leased the field from Dartington Trust for an initial period of 10 years.

Paths, drainage, rabbit proof fencing and water supplies are all being developed as well as a solar water pump to use the stream for watering plots (A solar panel powers a pump and water is pumped up to a series of tanks to act as a resevoir for the taps and pipes on the site).

Although there are the equivalent of 26 full 200 square metre plots on the Copland Field site, many members have opted for half or quarter plots, which means that this site is now home to almost 40 allotmenteers from Totnes and Dartington Parishes.