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Potatoes first early

Ulster Sceptre (2011) – organic from Tuckers. Adequate, some slug damage, one or two plants got blackleg. Planted March 21, lifted June 21. Helen & Terry KH plot 1

Potatoes second early

Charlotte (2011) – did well both last year and this, though succumbed to blight of course. Some slug damage. Helen & Terry KH plot 1

Potatoes main crop

Sarpa Mira (2010) – new-ish red skinned blight resistant variety. Grew prolifically and did resist blight, but tubers very badly damaged by slugs and some rot. Taste average.Helen & Terry KH plot 1

Potatoes planted onto cardboard and manure, ‘earthed up’ with straw – used to clear ground. Not the best potatoes, but a fair crop and the ground got cleared to boot! Simone Wilkie KH


Tomatoes (2011) – succumbed to blight. Simone Wilkie KH (they almost always do – Helen)

Root veg

Carrots copyright-free (2011) – Carrots- interplanted with onions and leeks to disguise the smell from carrot fly and worked on them in the evening when the fly isn’t supposed to be around… carrot fly! BUT I didn’t get very many seeds to germinate or plants to thrive. Used organic Nantes from Tuckers. Bed had a steep slope, water ran downhill, the ones at the bottom were better. Simone Wilkie KH

Onions garlic leeks

Onion sets Red Baron (2011) – almost all went to seed. Helen & Terry KH plot 1


Peas and beans

Cherokee beans (2011) – thrived with little or no watering, work best using beans for drying – can anyone recommend another good bean which has been developed for the purpose of drying for storage?) Simone Wilkie KH

Runner beans (2011) – can’t fail with these! Simone Wilkie KH

Other veg

Sweetcorn ‘Swift’ (2011) – grown for 3 years now, on allotment and in garden: good. Start in modules at home. First crop planted out May 17 good crop. Second crop a month later, only got a few cobs. Seaweed from beach, rinsed and put on corn as a mulch, helped it grow really green and vigorous. It’s worth staking corn so it doesn’t blow over. Helen & Terry KH plot 1

Squash (2011) – Burgess Buttercup from ‘Real Seed Calalogue’ – big rambling plants, out of two I got just 5 squash. Gorgeous tasting, weigh about 3lb each, good keepers. Simone Wilkie KH

Courgettes (2018)- courgettes grew fanastically this year. Also tried out round yellow courgette (possibly courgette ‘Floridor’ F1) which produced an abundant crop

Spinach and chard (2011)- did well everywhere! Simone Wilkie KH

Amaranth– fascinating to watch develop into tall and beautiful plants with multi-hued seed heads. I have used the leaves cooked as I would spinach and juiced with apples- supposed to be a superfood? Now have the promise of seed to use as a grain, though I’m not counting on a large harvest (from ‘Real Seed Calalogue’). Simone Wilkie KH


Flowers & Herbs

Gladioli (2018) – My gladioli grew beautifully this year with very little effort on my part. Lovely cut in vases at home and for gifts.

Simone’s poppy 2011 (2011) – My poppies that I just scattered seeds on empty beds have been AWESOME and filled my heart with joy, attracting bees galore! (there are also antirrhinum, lavender, borage and marigolds for them – I’ve just loved having bees around!) Simone Wilkie KH

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